A plea for peace in the big church of Kerimäki on Christmas morning, December 25, 2022

Christmas is a celebration of joy and light, and especially, a celebration of peace. In war situations in the past, weapons have been laid down and the fighting has stopped at least for Christmas time.

On Christmas morning, in the world's largest wooden church in Kerimäki, we plead that the hostilities in Ukraine will be stopped immediately.

We appeal to the leaders of our own country, Finland, and to the leaders of the EU and its member states, and to the leaders of the United States in order to achieve peace. We appeal to the Russian President Vladimir Putin, all the Russian leaders and to the citizens of our neighbouring country that the hostilities against Ukraine will be stopped.

We appeal for an end to the missile attacks and a withdrawal of troops from Ukraine, so that the Ukrainian army defending its country can also lay down its arms.

The people of Ukraine have been suffering from the invasion and war for the past 10 months. The material damage is enormous and millions of people have had to leave their home regions and their homes. Many lives have been lost. The Russian army has also lost a lot of its soldiers. Many families have had to face devastation, grief and shock.

We appeal in order to achieve peace, to end the hostilities. We plead for this on the basis of international law and humanitarian reasons and also in the name of Christian love. We appeal for peace to be restored so that the destruction can be repaired, and so that people can continue their lives in their home regions.

Children’s plea:

We plead on behalf of all the children and youth of Ukraine for the war to be ended and that they could grow up in peace. Children's role is to play and be safe and go to school.  Children should not live in fear and in the middle of war. We plead for the children who have left Ukraine to be able to return to their home regions with their families.

The children and young people in Finland can live in peace and safety. We plead that the Ukrainian children and young people also have the same right. We plead for peace!

* * *

Plea for peace was read by MPs from Savonlinna Heli Järvinen and Hanna Kosonen and as representative of children Iida Kasper, school girl from Kerimäki (10 years).

Toivo Loikkanen, vicar/chaplain of Kerimäki. Translation by mrs. Jaana Kosonen, Kerimäki

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